See Jessica reading her work at the Milwaukie [Oregon] Poetry series.

Watch Jessica read poetry for “Paseo” (2021).

Tour the virtual gallery of “Red/Act,” a solo exhibition at Open Signal New Media in Portland (2020).

Check out Jessica’s experimental poetry in virtual reality, a collaborative project with co-founder of Equal Reality, Brennan Hatton (2018).

See Jessica’s award-winning story “Indian Burns,” a Portland Story Theatre Top 10 Pick for 2016.

A small number of audio recordings are available below. The corresponding dates are the year the poems were recorded.  A sampling of video recordings can be found at the Boliver Art Gallery.

“Wolf That I Am,” 2020

“Winters in Gardens Rose,” 2020

“Fly Songbirds Just Let Go,” 2020

“Everyone Manifests Destiny,” 2020

“America De’Colonizer,” 2020

“All That Arrives Remain Human,” 2020

“Dominican Man,” 2018

“Namesakes,” 2018

“Pulitzer Prize Pig,” 2018

“Place Settings,” 2018

“Prey Better Pray,” 2018

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